Why Mykonos

Mention the name “Mykonos” to someone and a certain image pops into their head. 

The image of bright white houses, blue shutters, and blue-domed churches covered in clematis ivy rising up between narrow cobblestone streets is undeniably that of a Greek island—and one of the most well-known ones at that.

Anytime you come to this island, you’re making a decision…a lifestyle choice. You’re choosing to soak in the sun, eat just one more Greek salad with olives, and sleep under a star-filled sky.

Just a few of the many reasons you’ll feel the Mykonos Effect on this sun-kissed island.


We have the sunniest beaches

With its international crowd, sprawling beaches and endless list of amenities and activities, mykonos is the epitome of what you picture when you think about Greek island vacations.

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Mykonos Sunset Cruise.