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One of the islands at the top of the list for many tourists is Mykonos, a must-visit island not only because of the beauty but also lots of things to do. While there are millions of articles and blog posts which provide information on Mykonos Island and what to do, we have a different approach. This time from one of our clients who just finished visiting this beautiful island, read on;

I have just returned from a vacation in Mykonos and seen lots of negativity and questions so hopefully this helps. This was my second trip, I travelled with my girlfriend both times and we are in our late 20’s.


There aren’t many taxis in Mykonos so I’d recommend pre-booking a transfer from the airport (most hotels/Airbnb hosts will do this) or plan on taking the bus. I’d recommend finding a driver or company you’re happy with and getting their number. We did this and simply Whatsapp’d when we wanted picking up and dropping off anywhere.

Buses are reliable and run every 30/60 minutes till 12.30/1am. Tickets are €1.80 and you need cash and pay the driver or at the ticket office if there is one. Fabrika is the stop in Mykonos town.

A quad bike/ATV is a great and pretty inexpensive way to explore the island. We particularly enjoyed beach hopping and snorkelling. A 170cc quad was €45 for 24 hours and a large 450cc quad was €70. This included helmets and insurance. There are hire companies on every corner. I personally used My Rent Mykonos as they had the best price and offered free delivery and collection to our Airbnb in Ornos – they were great and I couldn’t fault them. Scooters are €20 per day. Driving in Mykonos is fine, it gets busy in the centre but once you’re past that it’s pretty quiet.


Simply put, it’s as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. For example, you can pay €30 for a cocktail in Little Venice to watch the sunset or you can get a beer from the shop for €2.50 and watch it by the windmills – we did both. Souvlaki Story is a local chain serving tasty greek food and you’ll be uncomfortably full for €15/20 with a beer/wine. Aglio E Olio is a lovely mid-range Mediterranean restaurant in Mykonos town with a great atmosphere and aesthetic. 99% of places have clear menus you can read, see if it’s good based on how busy it is and a quick Google. You don’t need to book far in advance for most places; if they are full you can put your name down, go for a drink and come back in 45 minutes.

There are some real gems in Mykonos too such as Lefteris in Ornos serving amazing takeaway gyros for €3.50 30 seconds from the beach or Ornos Bakery that has a huge range of bread, cakes and pastries and wonderful crepes for €4.50 and are open 24 hours.

Supermarkets – there are lots and fairly cheap. The largest is Flora which is directly opposite the airport and has a DJ too which is cool.


There are lots and Mykonos can be windy (warm breeze) but this means that if one beach is windy the next is likely calm and still. Beaches along the south coast are 10/15 minutes away from each other and have gradual drop offs if you’re not confident or just want a paddle. The sea is crystal clear and offers great snorkelling. The main beaches have lifeguards.

You do not need to pay for a sunbed (unless you want to) as the public areas are lovely and in my experience are not overcrowded. Grab a towel, drinks and snacks and you’ll have an amazing day.

Beach clubs:

We went to two, Scorpios and SantAnna. Scorpios is a Mykonos institution and would be my go to if I only wanted to do one. Its €30 per bed/person and no minimum spend. Cocktails are strong and €20-25, beer is €10 a bottle. It’s a very relaxed, chilled atmosphere and completely unpretentious – nothing like what you see in Ibiza. The DJ (Valeron) and band in the evening are great and worth waiting around for. It’s boho house and suits the vibe and sunset perfectly.

SantaAnna has a totally different vibe but still very well. The entrance fee is higher than Scorpios and there’s a minimum spend but it has a lovely pool and if you want 10/10 Instagram shots, this is your place.


Leaving the most controversial for last, the service has been exceptional in my experience. Everyone we came across was kind, helpful and friendly. They offered their opinions, suggested places tourists wouldn’t know about and generally just wanted us to have a good time. Basically everyone speaks great English. I travel to the US a lot for work and I think this is where the negative comments have come from. Servers in the US serve you like their life depends on it because it literally does. No tips = no pay. In Mykonos and Europe in general, servers aren’t tripping over themselves to be your best friend or really over the top and in your face but this is not being rude. Tipping is not expected unless you want to of course, in which case 10% is plenty. Some higher end places will add 12.5% service charge but will remove it if asked.


In conclusion, I really hope this has helped some. It’s heart-breaking to see people considering changing their holidays and honeymoons because of a few click bait posts and one oyster bar. Please let me know if you have any questions or want any more information on how to spend your time in Mykonos.

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