One of the most celebrated and cosmopolitan islands in the world is certainly Mykonos! Rocky and arid, yet without a doubt one of the most enticing islands. It mesmerizes you and there is no way one will not return if they visit it once.


About Mykonos

Mykonos has so much to offer its visitors; unrivalled beauty and architecture, color, simplicity bridged with luxury- the beauty of contrast being its main characteristic. Mykonos was once considered to be the island of paupers, in history, it was only mentioned as the stepping stone to the holy Delos. Being mainly rocky and sterile , it could not feed its people until the island was totally transformed into the 'Star of Tourism'. It is the island where you will meet international celebrated stars, designers and other VIPs mingle with anonymous in its state of the art clubs and restaurants. Then again, you will see the Mykoniate of the olden times on his donkey, living and moving at his own traditionally slow pace. The island of contrasts and beauty - the island of parties and relaxation- this Mykonos!


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Featured Small Group Half day Tour of Highlights & Delights in Mykonos
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Walking Tour and Wine Tasting
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4 hours15+
Mykonos 84600, Cyclades Greece.
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