What does TIM means?

TIM stands for Tours in Mykonos an idea which was coined by a group travel enthusiast based in Mykonos, with a goal of bringing new ways of experiencing and enjoying Greek Islands actively. After participating in travel industry for 5 years as tour guide and travel planner, their understanding of the customer’s journey from the planning point of view to the execution point makes Tours In Mykonos (TIM) activities a great way to have a memorable holiday or Mykonos vacation.

Passionate Travel

It’s our passion and our expertise. We know the Mykonos island and the other Greek Islands inside and out. We don’t guide on any tour we haven’t done before. Our expertise gives you a richer, more enjoyable experience, and makes better use of your vacations in Mykonos island, whether you’re on a private or shared tour.

Professional Tour Guide

  Our guides know where you’ll find the best photos spots, and they will assist you to take your photos in most cases especially in the gorgeous Mykonos Old Town. They will point and suggest to you the best bakeries, local restaurants, and bars, historical sites and special events. You’ll see and discover things that you would never have encountered traveling on your own or with other less experienced guides.

Diverse Destinations

Tours In Mykonos (TIM) activities are tailored in a way aimed at giving you an incredible experience you’ll want to tell your friends and loved ones about. Spend less time searching for things to do in Mykonos, and more time enjoying your vacation in Mykonos and discover why is Mykonos popular as one of the best Greek islands.

Fast Booking

Tours In Mykonos (TIM) makes it easy to find and book something you’ll love to do. Enjoy the Island in a new way with a plethora of activities available, it’s always easy to make any day extraordinary with the tours and activities we offer. You can always plan your holiday ahead or decide last minute.

Why choose TIM?

Exceptional and unseen before experiences on Mykonos island, with free cancellation and payment options to satisfy any plan or budget.

Qualities you can trust our experiences meet high quality standards and are backed by reviews form our clients, so you know you’re getting the best.

Experiences to remember browse and book tours and activities so incredible, you’ll want to tell your friends.

From the beginning of your journey deciding things to do in Mykonos and make a booking, Tours In Mykonos team is here to assist you 24/7.

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